Treasurer Message – July 2021

Many thanks to the WIs who sent in their subscription payments by the end of May as I know it would have been a challenge due to current restrictions. To those who have not yet sent in their subs to Cresswell House please do so now so the Federation can fulfil their...

Treasurer Message – May 2021

Thank you, ladies, for all your support during these difficult times. Please note when finalising your accounts, please ensure you fully complete the Financial Statement before sending it to the Federation Office. It is usually recommended that you close the accounts...
Treasurer Message – April 2021

Treasurer Message – April 2021

As always, thank you WIs for your continued support especially through this last unprecedented year. We have been humbled by all the generous donations received to help in the running of the Federation for which we are most grateful. Now that we are on the road to...

Treasurer Message – February 2021

Unfortunately we did not sell any winning tickets for the National Raffle, however the Federation did receive £405.38 as a result of sales which during these difficult time is amazing. This has given a bit of a boost to our finances and the Board of Trustees thank you...

Treasurer Message – December 2020

In view of the current situation please check your records to make sure all outstanding invoices are paid and subs payments are up to date. Wishing you all a happy Christmas and may your 2021 WI diaries be full once again next year.  Norma

Treasurer Message

I recently mentioned donations to the Federation and, as this was discussed by the Officers before going to print, I felt I ought to explain the reason for doing it. Most WIs (the exception being those who own their own halls and like Federation have not been...

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