Sports and Leisure – April 2021 Update

Sports and Leisure – Barbara Kilkenny Dare we hope to make plans now that Boris has given us a road map? It will, I feel, be small steps to begin with as we regain our confidence to return to socialising. The Committee have 6 JULY in their very empty diaries for a...

Sports and Leisure – March 2021 Update

Leisure. I think many, but not all, of us have had more of this than we could ever have imagined. I have walked and kept a photographic record of the last 12 months. I have watched TV. So many Scandinavian dramas on All4 my Swedish, Danish, Finnish and even Icelandic...

Sports and Leisure – February 2021 Update

2021 has arrived and the committee wish you all Happy New Year. It might not seem quite that yet but we WILL remain positive and hope that by late spring we may be able to move towards bringing the WI back into our lives in ways that we are used to. The Queen has...

Sports and Leisure – December 2020 Update

Hard to believe it’s time for the December/January Newsletter. The build up to Christmas and New Year will be one of mixed emotions for all of us but in the WI spirit of positivity the Committee wishes all members a Happy Christmas and, as we see in 2021, let’s raise...

Sports and Leisure – November 2020 Update

With apologies for liberties taken with the original!!! “Events, dear ladies, events…” have overtaken our modest planning for the remainder of 2020. The committee can only continue to wish you all well and hope for better things to come.
Sports and Leisure – October 2020 Update

Sports and Leisure – October 2020 Update

At yesterday’s Board Meeting various plans were made. These included a date for a committee meeting, supported by all the members and Tai Chi taster sessions. I even had thoughts how we could still have our Christmas cake and cheese in December. However, last...

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