National Annual Meeting and Resolutions 2021
If things go according to plan, the 2021 National Annual Meeting will be held in the Royal Albert Hall on Monday 19 April. Secretaries will have received in their mail from National the timetable for the resolutions which will be debated at this meeting but not voted on. WIs will have the opportunity to discuss and vote on the chosen resolutions between late April and June, the result of which should be sent to NFWI by the deadline of 5 July.
NFWI will notify WIs of the results of the 2021 Annual Meeting resolutions both in the August mailing and via the September edition of WI Life.
Prior to that, the shortlisted resolutions will be outlined in the November edition of WI Life. Under normal circumstances these would be discussed at your meetings and your choices notified to our Federation at the beginning of February. This year the Coronavirus has curtailed our meetings and so we would ask each member to:
a) Read the shortlisted resolutions in the November edition of WI Life.
b) Select the resolution you would like to go forward to the National Meeting.
c) Relay your choice to your WI by whichever method your WI puts in place.
The resulting choices should be notified to our Federation by your WI by the deadline of the 18 January 2021.
Please do not waste this great opportunity to have your say on subjects which could have an effect on you, your family and the world around us!

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