Hello to you all, whoever could have believed that we would be spending the Easter break in lockdown with no end date in sight at the moment?

I realise that this first public holiday will be difficult for all of us as we won’t be able to see or spend time with family and loved ones. No Easter egg hunting with children or grandchildren, no Easter service for all those who usually attend their local place of worship and no lovely lunch surrounded by friends, family and others.
Many of our members will also be working in all sorts of areas as they are key workers and we all very much appreciate what they are doing for the rest of us and I hope that they will find some time to enjoy the weekend.

For those of you who like me started work using pen and paper you will understand me when I say that technology may not be my strong point but it certainly has been one of our greatest assets at this difficult time as we are able to text, Skype, video link and all the other fabulous things that our computers and telephones can do. It keeps us in instant touch with each other, although passing an Easter egg through the screen just isn’t go to work. Luckily I had already bought some to take over to the Lakes to share with my family but now I will just have to video link and they can watch me eating them on Sunday!

Whatever you are doing please remember to follow all the rules, stay safe,look after yourselves and keep in touch.

Love and best wishes to you all

Marj x

Northumberland WI

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