Hello Ladies, and a happier and healthy New Year to you!
As Combined Arts Committee can’t meet to plot wonderful events for 2021, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the new “roles” developed during the past ten months. Costume-wise, I seem to have donned my chef’s apron a million times a day as himself’s menu has become increasingly important to him, and my wardrobe of going-out clothes has been swapped for 3 pairs of jeans and a few tunics and jumpers. Make-up department is reduced to applying moisturiser daily, with chocolate-flavoured lip balm as a treat! The dramatic heels and unusual shoes that I love have given way to dog-walking boots, plus daytime slippers (safe ones for going up and down stairs) together with more flighty little backless numbers for slipping on during nocturnal visits (don’t get excited here) to the bathroom…. The weekly red-carpet days involve “dressing up” in a coat and matching face mask to wear whilst visiting Tesco for our “Click and Collect” order, and we’re ever grateful to the cast of pickers, packers and loaders who have helped us to stay safe so far…. A massive applause to them!
During this latest lockdown, we’ll just have to hope for a drama-free existence and wait patiently for the next act of our Combined Arts lives. It’ll be spectacular when we can all be together again. Stay safe Ladies and keep sparkling…we need all of our characters to be intact!

With love, Moira x

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