Leisure. I think many, but not all, of us have had more of this than we could ever have imagined. I have walked and kept a photographic record of the last 12 months. I have watched TV. So many Scandinavian dramas on All4 my Swedish, Danish, Finnish and even Icelandic are progressing well! Jigsaws and knitting have fallen by the wayside.
Sport. My gym has been closed for most of the time and not even Joe Wickes could inspire me to do online classes. I need the coffee and chat with friends afterwards to motivate me. However, we are now blessed with snow. Sledges out ladies and off we go down the slopes of Northumberland, even if only in our imaginations.
I have had my first “jab” as many of you will have done, so we hope that this, plus the road- map that Boris is to share with us shortly will bring us a step closer to some WI activities.

Northumberland WI

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