As I write this, I can hardly believe that we are galloping through August at such a speed and when you read this we will be in September, thinking of planning our meetings once more.
I do know that there are some WIs that have been able to have virtual meetings, and some have met up in gardens, but I think the majority have not been able to do so.
At the moment, I am feeling totally washed out and quite exhausted, having run so many laps in the stadium in Tokyo, jumped as high and as long as was possible, swum as hard as I could until I felt that my heart would burst but it was the pole vault that really finished me off!!!!! It has been a wonderful games despite everything and has been a great success all round.
I feel quite sure that you will all be just as enthusiastic to get your meetings up and running once more. However, please remember that the pandemic is still here with us so take care.
Wishing you every success with your future meetings.

Prudence Marks

Northumberland WI

t: 0191 217 0808

11/12 Brenkley Way
Blezard Business Park, Seaton Burn
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE13 6DS