Hello Ladies.
The majority of Annual Meetings in our federation would have taken place in May or during the subsequent summer months if we had been living “life as we used to know it.” However, since it was impossible for us to hold such meetings we have had to forego such events but there are certain criteria which must be met in order to comply with the Charity Commission requirements.
Treasurers must fill in the Financial Statement and if possible have it audited and signed appropriately and then send it to Cresswell House where it will be dealt with in due course.
Secretaries should write an Annual Report and file it in the record book. They must write in the Minute Book that the Annual Meeting has not taken place and give the reason why this is the case.
Officers should remain in post for this coming year unless you agree in your Committee that it should be otherwise. I know of one WI where the President has informed me that she no longer wishes to remain in post and so the Vice- President will take over the reins for the coming year.
At the moment meetings cannot take place if more than thirty people wish to attend. Social distancing and sanitising must be adhered to at all times. Many meeting places remain closed and very likely will remain so for some considerable time to come.
Along with my fellow Advisers I do hope that you will enjoy the remainder of the summer and look forward with some trepidation to Autumn. Keep safe and stay well.


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