Face to face meetings are starting to pick up again and Annual Meetings are now in full swing. It is quite amazing how many WIs in this Federation have new members and the Advisers are receiving requests from prospective new members to help them choose a WI to join. We welcome all new members to WIs and sincerely hope that they will enjoy their membership. It is up to every WI to warmly welcome new members and to encourage them to make the most of their membership.
If there are any Treasurers who are having any problems with filling in the financial statement, then please telephone Rosie Harden-Vane (her number is in the Yearbook). She will be more than happy to sort out any queries you may have. Rosie will be running a Treasurers Workshop in the Spring.
We are pleased to announce that the new WI Handbook is available from Cresswell House at a cost of £5. I do advise every WI to buy one of these as it contains all the latest up to date information needed to run a WI.
Have a good month and stay safe.

Northumberland WI

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