Now that the Group Convenors have been selected, I hope that they will be thinking about Group Meetings once again. However, I fully understand if they are feeling reluctant to do so at the moment. Perhaps WI Presidents and Secretaries could meet with their Group Convenor and come up with some ideas for a really good Group meeting. Perhaps Group funds are low so it may be a good idea to organise a coffee morning or even a games afternoon in order to raise some funds. Remember that the more money you have in your Group, the more likely you are to book a more worthwhile speaker or entertainer which is after all the whole point of being part of a Group. Make sure that you make the price of the ticket realistic so that you do not run the risk of making a loss.
Good luck and have fun in whatever you decide to do, and above, all take care.

The Resolution Shortlist has now been published. Details will be in My WI and other platforms on Monday 1 November. Your Secretary will have been informed by email of the shortlist choices.
The list and your selection choices will be published in the November issue of WI Life.

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