I do hope that you are well and keeping warm during this wintry weather. By the time you read this you will all have been informed by National of the change put in place regarding the annual subscription. There is a fixed amount to go to National and also a fixed amount to go to the Federation.
When it comes to the amount to be paid to your WI it will be up to the Committee of your WI to decide how much they wish each member to pay. During the pandemic some WIs have spent a lot of money producing all sorts of things every month for their members and a lot of them have been very proactive which is absolutely wonderful. However, there are others who have done very little, not even a phone call to ask how the members are surviving, resulting in the fact that they have spent very little money at all. Many WIs have a buddy system where members of the committee have a certain number of the members to contact every month. Every member of your WI is as important to the future of your WI as any other member. It would be a good idea to let your members know how much money you are holding and how you intend to use it in the coming year.
At the moment we have no idea how long restrictions are likely to remain in place or how or when they will be likely to change. Remember that next year committees will have to set the amount paid to their WIs again and it will probably not be the same amount every year. It will be totally dependent on the way each WI uses its money and what it is prepared to do for its members.
Stay safe, keep warm and well.

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