I have just been reading three newsletters which have been produced by individual WIs within the Federation. A number of WIs are now producing their own monthly newsletters for their members and I think that this is a wonderful idea. How ingenious a lot of members are, writing about all sorts of things, such as favourite recipes, walks, books they have recently read and various crafts just to name a few. Then there are the quizzes, word searches, historical facts etc. I have spent many a dreary morning engrossed in reading these and I know that a lot of members look forward to them being popped through their letter boxes every month. If some WIs are planning to have committee meeting outside as not everyone has the facility to Zoom, then please wrap up well as Spring is quite a long way off from being sprung yet and we don’t want anyone to catch a chill.
2021 Resolution Selections
The results of the 2021 resolution selection process are shown here the table below.

The National Board of Trustees has decided to put forward the top resolution to the 2021 National Annual Meeting which will now be held as an online event on 8 June (details later). No votes on the resolution will be taken but discussion will be held. The wording of the resolution is given below, and more information about the subject of ovarian cancer can be found in the April edition of WI Life and on the National and My WI websites.
Every two hours in the UK someone dies of ovarian cancer. Making sure GPs and the public know what to look for will not only ensure the early detection and treatment of this disease but transform lives today and for generations to come. NFWI calls on WI members everywhere to help increase awareness of the subtle signs of ovarian cancer.
WIs now have until the deadline of 9 July 2021 to cast their votes “for” or “against” this resolution. Votes should be collected from members via virtual meetings, face-to-face meetings (if this is possible in line with Government advice) or by any method the WI may decide upon. The WIs majority vote, whether it be “for” or “against”, should be registered on an online form (to be issued by National at a later date) by 9 July 2021. An alternative will be available should this not be possible.
NFWI appreciates how difficult it has been for WIs to participate in the resolution selection and voting process this year and thanks all members for their involvement and support.


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