Afternoon tea at Horsley – Stevie Glover
Inspired by reading some of the lovely inventive ways other WIs have spent these long weeks of lockdown the ladies of Horsley came up with the idea of ‘Afternoon Tea in a Basket’.
We may be few but there is talent amongst us – several great bakers and
good crafters too. We each played to our strengths and put together a lovely tea. At first, we thought about doing it as a raffle, but then we realised that knocking on doors, taking unwashed coins and handing over tickets might not be safe. So, we decided to pop every address in the village into a hat and draw a winner. The recipient was surprised but delighted to receive a gift from out of the blue.
She and her husband live many miles away from their family, they miss them keenly. She said winning the basket full of goodies really gave them both a much-needed boost.

Ponteland WI in bloom
In June, Ponteland WI should have been celebrating their 100th birthday. However, due to the Covid 19 crisis everything was cancelled, apart from one thing. Ponteland Town Council very kindly planted a commemorative flower bed in the Town centre to celebrate this event.

Therefore, our planned celebrations will now take place at a later date.

Ponteland Village WI go virtual – Rachel Bowey Bland
One of the things we have done with our WI is virtual challenges, the first one was to climb up Big Ben (inspired by my 11-year olds virtual climb up Ben Nevis using the stairs!). Then as so many of our members were getting out walking during lockdown it was decided a walking challenge was more apt which turned out to be from St Marys Church Hall, Ponteland to NFWI HQ in London! This was 287 miles or 574,000 steps, we thought it would take a couple of months,
but 8 members sent in their steps and between them could have walked there 5 times! So, we decided to up the challenge again and walk around the coast of mainland Britain which is 11,073 miles (source: ordnance survey) and 22,146,000 steps. In the first month we walked just over 10% of the way and with the easing of lockdown members have travelled further than their doorstep to enjoy our beautiful northern countryside! Hopefully more members will join in and we can get it completed in the next few months!

Clousden Hill WI – For our August meeting we were sooo excited! Prayer mats out for September…

Northumberland WI

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