Invitation to Honour Members – Kim Suleman
At our meeting on Wednesday 22 September, Cullercoats WI will be honouring past members, Mavis Milburn and Joy Rayner. All Northumberland Federation members who knew these ladies are invited to join us at this social meeting when we will spend time remembering their contributions to both Cullercoats WI and to the Federation. The meeting starts 2pm at the Linskill Centre, Linskill Terrace, North Shields, NE30 2AY, which is a Covid Secure environment. Please let us know if you would like to join us by calling Kim Suleman on 07813 951 477.
Light refreshment, please bring you own mug.

Alnmouth War Memorial Centennial Commemoration – Kathryn Archibald
On Sunday 24 July, Alnmouth WI ladies led a collaborative community project to honour the Centenary of the Alnmouth War Memorial.
The original idea came from two members, Pam Muggleton and Celia Collinson, who wanted to write and post tributes around the village to tell the stories of the men and women who lost their lives and are remembered on The War Memorial. It started as a simple story telling idea, but very soon grew into a much larger endeavour which involved over 1500-woman hours, multiple activities and collaboration with five other local organisations.
In addition to the heroes’ stories, member Mandy Turner created a Tribute Trail map to show the locations of the postings (from which we have created tea towels), 30 ladies made and embroidered bunting under the watchful eye of Judith Williams; members Margaret Reece and Kathryn Brunton hand stitched and embroidered a wreath and member Margaret Mayfield created a floral tribute in the Northumberland colours. WI President, Janis Crook participated in a rededication service, we created a banner to communicate the activities and a local lady painted tribute stones. Of course, we also had a team of master bakers who delivered a menu of delicious, sweet treats and beverages.
The Chair of the Parish Council in his letter of thanks summed up the WI achievement: ‘The Parish Council appreciate all the hard work of the WI in preparing The War Memorial, developing the tributes and installing the displays around the village. It has obviously been a huge effort and judging by the comments I have heard it has been much appreciated by residents and visitors alike.’
The pictures are of the Steering Team which consisted of project leader, Kathryn Archibald with Judith Williams, Celia Collinson and Pam Muggleton, along with a picture of the official rededication party which included a representative from the RAF, the Royal Navy, the Parish Council and a long-standing resident in addition to our President. The two wreaths are clearly visible, as is the bunting. The final picture shows one of the tributes which documents civilian casualties of The Argyle Street bombing and an octogenarian survivor.

Heartfelt Thanks
Karen Coleman (Shotley WI) has sent off the next collection of bras to Against Breast Cancer, to raise funds for vital research; the bras then are sent to Africa where the women are “protected” by wearing a bra from sexual assault. Thank you to each lady who has donated their used tired and worn bras.

Prudhoe get a bit flushed! – Alison Scrimshaw
For our July meeting we had a Zoom talk by Liza Jones about what happens “Behind the bathroom door.”
Liza told us the history of bathing from the Egyptians to the Romans right through history to the present day. For the Romans it was a social event however by the medieval times washing had just about vanished.
George Jennings designed the flush toilet which was exhibited at the Great Exhibition. Visitors were charged 1d to use it and 83,000 did – I wouldn’t want to clean that toilet!
Some interesting facts were that there were no bin collections in 1948, no running water for many.1951 census showed that 1 in 3 houses had no bathroom, and in 1978 only 43% had a bath every day.
There was also talk on the development of soap, toothpaste, shampoo and deodorants. I am quite relieved that I live now in the 21st century as it would probably have been quite smelly back then.

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