Bamburgh WI

Sand castle/sand sculpture competitions on Bamburgh beach ( just below the castle) on Wednesday August 7th. The competitions are open to all young and older, WI members and non-members. Register your group now to enter these free competitions by phoning 01668 214584 or e-mail

North Gosforth WI

Alexa Parson spoke on “Women in the Fire Service”. It was absolutely brilliant, a great speaker. She brought along all of her kit to let us have a look at and try on if we wished.

Newbiggin by the Sea WI

In March we had a very interesting and informative talk by Marie Davies from the General Utilities Company on “How to Save Money on Household Bill”. Lots of food for thought!!

Shotley WI

Karen Coleman writes I have been collecting unwanted/unloved bras to raise vital funds for pioneering breast cancer research by ‘Against Breast Cancer’.

These bras go to textile recovery centre which stops them going into landfill. The bras go to support small businesses in Africa where bras are too expensive to produce/buy locally. Successful ventures like this keep many families out of poverty whilst providing employment in UK. The bras are sold very cheaply, with the welcome side effect of giving a level of protection from sexual assault or rape.

As a woman who has underwear has someone to provide/care for her and that person has the means to seek retribution on any assailant, so literally that bra you were going to throw away could protect a young woman from rape. That’s got to be better than landfill. Any bras that are truly beyond use are dismantled and disposed of properly. Every tonne of bras collected earns ‘Against Breast Cancer’ £700 to fund research. We can, in our Federation, make a difference.

I am very thankful to the Board of Trustees for letting me keep a bra bank for donations, in Cresswell House. Ladies if I have one request … sort out your drawers…. Thank you

Northumberland WI

t: 0191 217 0808

11/12 Brenkley Way
Blezard Business Park, Seaton Burn
Newcastle upon Tyne
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