Lockdown at North Gosforth WI – Jenny McLean
Unlike some WIs, we have not held Zoom WI meetings, but we have kept in touch with our members via monthly newsletters which included puzzles, recipes and a couple of raffles for Christmas and Easter. It has been fascinating to learn more about our fellow members as we shared news of childhood memories (stone hot water bottles, Virol, liberty bodices and Muffin the Mule to name a few), sporting and crafting achievements (we have a half marathon runner in our midst!), famous people we had met (The Rolling Stones, The Queen Mother and Alun Armstrong – again to name a few!) and special holidays! Committee members have had regular telephone calls with their
member “buddies” just to have a chat or to offer support during difficult times.
Our gardens and books have been “life-savers” and, we have managed “socially-distanced” chats with each other whilst out and about. One member, Lynne, set herself the challenge of reading one hundred books at the start of the first lockdown and is now up to three hundred – luckily, she treated herself to a Kindle!
As restrictions have eased, small groups have been walking locally – the photograph was taken with the prancing horse statue beside the Racecourse in Gosforth Park. Before too long, we hope to resume the WI activities we all enjoy and, in the meantime, send everyone in Northumberland Federation best wishes from North Gosforth WI!!

Jesmond WI’s Poster Masterpiece for the Community Festival – Diane Walton
As part of the Jesmond Festival, the Library agreed to have the windows decorated by member organisations and Jesmond WI was one of these.
The Jesmond WI Window Display in support of the Jesmond Community Festival 2021 looked magnificent. Huge thanks go to volunteers Dee, Annie, Julie, Gemma, Lynn and Sarah who met and put their creative minds together.
In the construction of the wonderful masterpiece, they said:
“We used the WI colours and tried to depict what the WI represented to us – the pages from the WI magazine as a background and then the Scrabble letters spelling out words associated with our group. The heart in the centre was to replicate our name badges and the cakes, tea and flowers were just some of the things that we felt represented the WI. We really enjoyed making it and sharing our love of creativity as a group! We hope all of the members like it.”

Speaker Recommendation – Sue Wilson
Stannington WI were thrilled to have Lucy Allen talking on Zoom recently about her life as a stunt woman.
Starting off as a child working on the wonderful film, The Railway Children through circus life on the high ropes to floating in water in Titanic, Lucy had us gripped the whole time. Some of her film credits are Fast and Furious, Skyfall, Harry Potter, Star Wars and TV’s Silent Witness. Rolling around on the floor with Idris Elba and being hit by a car in countless TV series, jumping with another stunt woman from a cliff top 65 feet into a load of cardboard boxes are the reason we all watch action pictures. You won’t be surprised to hear that for relaxation Lucy goes skydiving!
More recently she stars in her own talk on Suffragettes. The list goes on and on, falling from a balcony into a swimming pool on the set of AB FAB with Joanna Lumley etc etc etc.
If you would like to learn more about Lucy, check her out on YouTube at: http://ukstunts.co.uk

Be Cyber Alert!
The North East Regional Cyber Crime Unit (NERCCU) is a dedicated law enforcement cybercrime unit. Working as part of the three North East police forces (Cleveland, Durham and Northumbria) under the name North East Regional
Special Operations Unit (NERSOU). The unit works toward the serious and organised crime strategy to detect, defend and deter cyber-crime. Ensure you:
• Download software updates regularly on all your devices.
• Use a robust anti-virus checker and run full scans on a regular basis.
• Do not use the same / similar passwords for different sites and change them regularly.
If you have received an email which you’re not quite sure about, you can forward it to the Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS) at report@phishing.gov.uk.
Suspicious text messages should be forwarded to 7726. This free-of-charge short code enables your provider to investigate the origin of the text and take action, if found to be malicious.

Let’s Celebrate Asparagus!
As you read this newsletter, we will be in the middle of the English Asparagus season. It only lasts for a few weeks so
why not make the most of it. This is asimple recipe that makes an excellent lunch or light supper.
• Heat a griddle pan over a medium heat.
• Add prepared asparagus and sprinkle with 1 tablespoon olive / vegetable oil.
• Cook for about 5 minutes.
• Arrange the asparagus on serving plates.
• Add some finely shaved Parmesan and some crispy pancetta.
• Drizzle with a little Balsamic vinegar.
Serve with good crusty bread.

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