Happy together again – Christine Bragg
Bellingham actually managed to meet as a group at the beginning of June in the garden. The sun shone; it was a
beautiful  day. We so enjoyed meeting up again face to face over a cup of tea and a lovely ice-cold glass of fizz. Although it was a very informal meeting Elizabeth Armstrong talked to us about her last visit to Denman, learning about the houses of the Rothchild’s.
We are planning next month’s meeting in another member’s garden and then hopefully after that we may be able to
meet in our normal venue the MURC Hall. The photo does not show all our members, but you can see it was a happy day.

How to find Cresswell House in 3 little words
For ladies who have not been to Cresswell House before, did you know you can download a free app to your phone called ‘what 3 words’? The app divides the whole world into carpark size spaces, and the 3 words for Cresswell House are – windows, grants and kennels. Put these 3 words into the app, tap navigate and it will bring you to the front door. Which along with Satnav, gives you no excuses not to come along to events at the Federation Office!

A Royal “Thank You”
On hearing of Prince Philip’s passing, the Board of Trustees, WI Advisers and members of Northumberland Federation sent condolences to the Royal Family at this sad time.

Her Majesty has most graciously responded with this thank you card.


Online yoga, first aid and fire safety films and more available from CAN
Just to let you know CAN has put together some useful video presentations which include, chair yoga, standing yoga, relaxation, self-help first aid, carbon monoxide awareness and fire safety in the home.
These are all available on their YouTube channel as well as the CAN website. These films are free to use and can be used by individuals as well as groups.

Let’s go potty!
Do you have lots of old plastic flowerpots? Then don’t throw them away.
The Beadnell Plant Pot Store was set up 5 years ago to keep unwanted plant pots out of landfill or from being incinerated. Anyone is welcome to leave their unwanted pots at the table in the entrance to Peal House, The Wynding, Beadnell, NE67 5BU opposite the entrance to Beadnell Towers Hotels’ car park at any time or if you need any pots you can take as many pots as you like, free of charge. As word has spread other people across the county have shown an interest in setting up a similar scheme locally. Jen hopes these could be linked and publicised to save even more pots going to waste. If your WI would be interested in setting up something similar, Jen can be contacted by phone on 01665 720 993 or jenhallbeadnell@gmail.com



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