Lockdown Recipes – Sue Malloy
Thanks to everyone who has already sent me recipes, I now have an interesting selection for the booklet but still have room for a few more. So, if you have a favourite recipe that you have discovered during lockdown, I’d love to include it. You can email it to me at suemalloy@btinternet.com or by post to Burn House, Doddington NE71 6AR.

Mad Hatters at Wylam – Viv Smith
Wylam WI organised a village Decorate a Hat competition to support Brain Tumour’s Wear a Hat with Flowers day on 19 June. It was lovely to see lots people wearing hats that day in the local shops. Several members of the choir Wylam Singers wore hats at the Zoom rehearsal that day. Winner of the children’s section was Isla Davie aged 6 who had been inspired to enter when she saw the entries on our Facebook page. A WI member Kaye Joures won the adult section. The competition was judged by local florist Marion Stobo.

Eyes down and look in… Jesmond WI
Diane Walton shares how lockdown has been in her WI.
We have been in touch with friends and family after acquiring the skills on Zoom. We had members who had been to E-birthday parties from 80 years to 3 years of age, sharing cake and blowing out candles online! Some had sessions with quizzes, one with a scavenger hunt which made adults and children chase across the house to be first with a shoe, toothpaste, pillow, egg etc. Such fun and what a laugh. There had even been a Bingo session at a friends and family E-gathering. For those who fancy following suit, this is the link for Bingo cards https://mfbc.us/m/zjw8zf Each person downloads a card onto their phone then the caller reads out numbers 1-75. They had a prize for a line (across, down or diagonal) then full house. The caller can add all the bingo terms (which can be found on winkbingo.com). A game of Scrabble had been enjoyed over the internet as a 1 to 1 activity. Just like the real thing – a board in each location but one person taking out both sets of letters. Some also had ‘pub nights’ with friends catching up with news while sitting with a drink and nibbles.
Members had also been involved in singing in online choirs and one was a participant in an incredible circle dancing tribute where 250 people from across the world joined through Zoom to do the same dance.
Another member cut her husband’s hair for the first time! Such Trust eh! The hair cutter was some 45 years old. Do you remember them?

Alnmouth say ‘be kind’ to one another.
Katherine Archibald explains
Every newsletter is sent out around every 10 days or so. If someone has been poorly or is just out of hospital, a special ‘welcome home‘ newsletter is sent out separately as well. Additionally, we have had a WhatsApp group from the start of lockdown, and we have been supporting each other with errands, shopping, prescription collections etc. for those who had to self-isolate or shield themselves or a loved one. Wisdom, humour, pathos, nature, beauty, tidy cupboards and helpful hints – along with a lovely summary of how we should be kind to each other as we start the long journey from lockdown to normal life – thanks to Wendy Goodwin for sharing the poem and everyone for their continued contributions.




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