At long last our Combined Arts Committee convened for the first time – socially distanced – and somewhat subdued as there’s still that strange feeling about meeting in person isn’t there? We all agreed that Covid19 has affected us all in one way or another, some in very serious ways and others only ‘top surface’ but we all agreed that we have a positive “Arty” future to look forward to. We intend to organise some interesting and hopefully varied events but agreed that for the moment they must be small and self-contained…more to come on that very soon!
In the meantime, writing this at the beginning of August, I do hope that you all enjoy the Summer and the freedom that we’ve missed for so long – albeit from behind a mask and still with gentle distancing – and that we can soon enjoy singing freely and dancing wildly as though no one is watching…I can’t wait to organise another “Music Rocks” event!!!

Northumberland WI

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