At the end of what can only be described as the strangest of years I wanted to write a more personal message to all the members of Northumberland Federation.
With the exception of some of our members who do remember the wartime years, for most of us this has been the most unusual year imaginable. Some of us remember the end of rationing, the three-day week, miners’ strike etc., but nothing has affected each and every one of us in the way that Covid 19 has.
We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to every key worker and we all know at least one, whether they be doctors, carers, teachers, food suppliers, local authority workers etc., and whether they be family members or just friends. Of course earlier this year we showed that gratitude as we stood on our doorsteps and clapped for carers. We have all missed so many events, some of which we had looked forward to for a long time, such as a family wedding, and some not so happy where we were unable to say a final farewell to a friend or loved one.
We have done our very best to keep in touch with each other and offer help where we could because one of the very worst effects of this virus has been the way it has caused anxiety and isolation for so many people. Here I want to say a huge thank you to you all for showing the true spirit of the WI by keeping in touch with your WI friends.
Like you, I am looking forward to Christmas because I love it so much and I will not let Covid spoil that for me but I will remember the hardship and upset that it has brought to so many people worldwide. I hope that you will also take a moment to reflect on what has happened but I can say in all honesty that never before will there have been so much true meaning behind a simple phrase as we all look forward to 2021 and wish each other a Happy and Healthy New Year.
I hope that my version of the Twelve Days of Christmas puts a smile on your face as you read it and that nothing AND I MEAN NOTHING will stop you all enjoying the coming Festive Season in your own special ways, maybe even creating some very new and novel Christmas traditions for your family. Please also remember that Santa is a key worker so all will be fine and Rudolph will have his nose polished, shiny and ready to go.
Finally ladies, on behalf of the Board of Trustees and Nancy can I wish you all the very best for the Festive Season and indeed for 2021.

Marj x

PS. This month you would normally receive information and application forms for the following year’s Council Meeting but as we do not know at this stage what restriction on numbers there may be we are holding fire and as soon as we have final confirmation regarding the event we will send details out.

I was speaking to the very first President of Southridge, Jean Lawson, recently and she has been truly scaling the heights going up and down her stairs. She has apparently already left flags on Ben Nevis and The Matterhorn and coming up soon is Sugar Loaf Mountain, Kilimanjaro and eventually Everest. Well done Jean and don’t forget to leave a Northumberland badge on the top of the world.



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