Hello ladies and hopefully a Happy 2021 to all of you, your families and friends. The key to this message is HOPE and I ask you all to remember and share the following:

Hope is such a short word but it has so much depth and expectation and is my wish for 2021,

H obviously for hope as it says
O for the opening, or should I say re-opening of WI’s
P for the patience and perseverance shown by you all and which we all have to continue to show a little longer
E for excitement for the future events that we are starting to consider, for the expectation of a better year ahead and for the
enjoyment we shall all feel when we meet up again.

I have now destroyed my 2020 diary with it’s cancellations followed by blank pages at the pandemic took hold and I am crossing my fingers that I will soon be able to put new events in my 2021 diary that will not need to be crossed out.
Love and good wishes to you all
Marj x

Northumberland WI

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