Well, it’s apparently time for mists and mellow fruitfulness, but as yet I am not quite ready to give up on the hope of an ‘Indian summer’. Is it really time to put away my sandals and go back into socks and boots? I don’t think so…
After the last committee meeting when we finalised our plans for the end of 2021, there was lots of catching up. I will freely admit I have missed the camaraderie of the ladies who put in the behind the scene effort to get Craft events running smoothly.
So, what can we offer you? It’s fair to say the final quarter of 2021 has lots of things for your consideration; We have Sue Malloy in the kitchen on two occasions for the start of the festive period: Party Food on the 4 November and then Christmas Food on 25 November, two occasions when you can make use of Sue’s extensive knowledge of foods sciences and taste trends. Once the food is set the decorations need to be looked at, so I will be offering a Festive Themed Paper Cutting session, which will include some card toppers and a framed festive picture to adorn your food table. This will be on November 13 at Cresswell House.
So food is ready, tables are decorated with paper cuttings, what do you give as a gift..? how about Marzipan Fruits? Made yourself under the expert guidance of Noreen Brent? Unique to each guest made with love from you, the perfect gift for the festive season, you will need to book a half-day session on 10 December
What to give that special person? Something that shows your skill and ability to make something they can keep for ages (but you might want to keep this one for yourself?) a contribution to your special decorations you use each year but could be used to enhance your festive table. The Saturday session will be on 11 December 2021, where you will create a Santa in a Box, well actually it’s a triangular not a square box, bit more complex but a lot more attractive
So, if you follow all the things we have on offer, come 11 December you will be ready for anything the festive season throws at you!! As not all WIs are meeting yet, please make a direct booking with Cresswell House as soon as you can.
Oh, what joy it was to see the concentration on the face of the first “back to business” craft event at Cresswell House. Five lovely ladies completed the animal themed paper cutting day… they had a great day celebrating the return to crafting made better by the inclusion of cake.

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