It was great to be in Cresswell House on a quiet Saturday morning and have a room with crafters spread out, focussed in silence on paper cutting, the afternoon sun catching the glinting blades, the slightly stuck out tongue of those who concentrate better by tasting the air! Then the yelp of joy as a complete papercut is released from the bigger page. It’s great being a crafter, it really is!
So, the clocks have changed, and the darkness arrives way too early for those of us who prefer to craft in daylight but the modern invention of daylight bulbs certainly extends my day of activity, granted its then disturbed by the dogs who see the arrival of darkness as the trigger for their evening meal. Some training to tell the time needed there I can tell you!
Santa in a Box is our last Craft Committee event of this year, the room filled with Christmas songs, white fluffy stuffing floating in the air and getting stuck to everything. It will be fun, what’s not to like about crafting, cake and Christmas!
We have got the go ahead from the Board for the Competition Days for 2022 and those schedules are being worked on over Dec/Jan; first one to be launched in the February mailing, to give you all time to get organised to put in an entry.
Finally, as this is my end of 2021 note, some thank yous… Thank you to the committee for carrying on being creative, safety conscious and supportive, thank you to Nancy who has had to adapt to a different way of booking/payments. Thank you to the Board for supporting our suggestions to run craft events and the last thanks go to the ladies who stepped up, stepped out and trusted us enough to do everything we could to keep them safe and did attend craft events. We did well…. See you next year.

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