Ladies, as I write this the rules about meetings are changing, however the ever-positive Craft Committee will not be beaten, we can be very flexible in these weird times. I do hope that you have been creating your own face coverings, as you would expect I have one that has my dogs on it!
We have planned to offer you the Paper Cutting course at Cresswell House, and unless we are banned from meeting all together, it will go ahead with number as low as 5 per class to a giddy 10, so please consider supporting us. There will be two themes Animals & Flowers in October, (on dates 16, 17, 22 or 24) then in November the festive theme (on dates 6, 7, 16 or 21) all starting 10.30 until 4ish. The details are on the yellow application form included in the Secretary’s mail. However, if you don’t have a yellow sheet, make a personal application to Cresswell House directly with your £20. The closing date will be 14 days before the event at 12 noon, and if it gets cancelled for any reason you will get your money back.
The beginner’s quilters course was stopped in March due to Covid 19. Following discussions with the tutor Linda Jewson, plans are underway to complete it on Thursdays 5 and 19 November. If you haven’t had your info sheet, please contact the Office.
I do hope you are focussing on your crafting during these somewhat ‘buoyant’ times. I am about to start ‘ye olde worlde’ painting by numbers, which seems to have had a major overhaul from the rubbish pictures I tried as a child. Ahaa! Just had a thought… that rubbish picture might have been due to my skill level. I will let you know once it is complete.
Sue Malloy has been looking at the practicality of recommencing food demos at Cresswell House, it will be a very ‘select’ attendance, but she will be able to repeat the demo if it’s popular, as if it wouldn’t be…! So, I will keep you posted.
I accept we have all been starved of learning new skills but don’t despair the positive Craft Committee will deliver, when we are allowed to hold gatherings. But in the meantime if you have any ideas of what you’d like to have a go at, please let me know via email on Also, keep an eye on our Facebook page and web site for very up to date news.

Congratulations to Norma Sales Southridge WI the winner of the Federation Competition – Advice I would give my pre lockdown self.

Take care and remember ‘hands – face – space.’


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